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unguja resort zanzibar

unguja resort zanzibar

unguja resort zanzibar

Welcome to Unguja lodge

Unguja lodge is peaceful and secluded.

unguja resort zanzibar

unguja resort zanzibar

It is well away from Zanzibar's busy tourist beaches, and the whole concept of the lodge has been developed to ensure it works in harmony with the natural environment and the people who live around it.

unguja resort zanzibar

This philosophy gives the place a distinctive air of tranquility that makes your stay a genuinely relaxing and enriching experience.

The building’s organic forms and stylish finish are complemented perfectly by the lush tropical setting and the rough coral boulders that surround it.

unguja resort zanzibar

But this place is more than just image, it’s a lodge with personality; it reflects the warmth and vivacity of Ralph and Elies its creators, and hosts.

unguja resort zanzibar

Their attention to detail and their love of ‘good living’ bring the place to life.

The astonishing marine life just a short swim or boat ride from the beach will ensure that whether you are a serious diver or just someone who likes to snorkel there's lots to see.

unguja resort zanzibar

If you like exploring on land you will find a thriving local culture. And if you just prefer to relax by the pool, you will be amazed at the birds, insects, plants and animals you see all around.

The lodge sits on a small coral cliff. Just a few steps down a wooden stair and your toes sink into clean soft white sand. As the tide rises the beach vanishes, and the lodge becomes an isolated haven.

When the tide drops and the beach reappears, washed and swept by the sea.

The lodge is once again connected to the outside world and you can watch as local fishermen drag their boats out of the sea, and women and children hunt the shallows for shellfish.

unguja resort zanzibar

The 'Villas'

When we built Unguja we wanted to create an experience unlike that of staying in a 'normal' hotel. So we built spacious self contained cottages that we call ‘villas’.

There are 12 in total, 7 Sea View Villas, 3 Baobab Villas, and 2 Family Houses.

The Sea View villas and the Family Houses have a direct sea view, and each has a private terrace overlooking the Menai Bay.

The Baobab Villas are built a few meters further from the shore beneath a huge baobab tree.

They are oriented to the garden, which make them ideal if you want even more seclusion and privacy.

unguja resort zanzibar

The Sea View Villas

Spacious bedroom with double bed (6x7 ft, 185x215 cm)
Mosquito nets over the bed
Ceiling fan for cooling
Private safe
Open plan sitting room (baraza-style)
Open plan spacious shower room
Separate toilet
Loft with extra DBL bed
Private terrace with a sea view

unguja resort zanzibar

The Baobab Villas

Plunge pool
AC and ceiling fan in the bedroom
Spacious bedroom with double bed (6x7 ft, 185x215 cm)
Mosquito nets over the bed
Private safe
Open plan sitting room (baraza-style)
Open plan spacious shower room
Separate toilet
Loft with extra DBL bed
Encircled by a lush garden

unguja resort zanzibar

The Family Houses


Bedroom with DBL bed (6x7 ft, 185x215 cm)
Mosquito net
Ceiling fan
AC only in house nr 11
Bathroom/toilet en suite
Open plan bathroom/toilet
Open plan sitting room
Sitting room inside
Sea view terrace
Upstairs two smaller bedrooms, in each room there is:

2 Single beds that can be put together to make a double bed
Mosquito nets
AC only in house nr 11
Bathroom/toilet en suite
Shared balcony

unguja resort zanzibar


Food is very important to us, so we really care about what we serve our guests.

To ensure everything is up to scratch and because we enjoy it, most nights you will find us eating in the restaurant.

But we can’t take all the credit, because the star of the kitchen is our head chef Nyerere. He is a great chef, but also a personality.

unguja resort zanzibar

unguja resort zanzibar

He likes pop out of the kitchen to check on the guests to make sure they appreciate his creations, and his infectious good humour pervades the restaurant.

Nyerere’s story is fascinating; he left home as a boy to work in a restaurant in Stone town. Over the years he worked his way up through the profession, working in some of the best hotels on the island.

As a young man he began learning from foreign chefs and blending their ideas with those from his own culture.

Eventually he created a fusion of tastes and styles all of his own.

Now he can boast that most of the top hotels in the area employ chefs he trained.

And this explains is why we are very happy and proud that Nyerere chose to work with us at Unguja Lodge.

unguja resort zanzibar

Facilities and services


We love Honeymoons.

It’s not just we think that it’s fun to host them, but because we know Unguja is the perfect place for a honeymoon, so we ‘go the extra mile’ and do them really well.

Service is impeccable but very low key. We provide just the kind of honeymoon we’d love to have ourselves.

unguja resort zanzibar

Internet Service
Unguja Lodge has its own satellite link to ensure a reliable and fast internet connection You are welcome to use your Iphone, Smart phone or laptop and connect to our Wi-Fi network free of charge.

Wi-Fi is available in and around the restaurant area.

unguja resort zanzibar

unguja resort zanzibar

If needed we can let you use one of the reception computers.

If your mobile phone is SIM lock free we can help you get a (cheap) local SIM card and vouchers so you can use the Zanzibari mobile networks.

If you would like to make a call using our phones ask the receptionist. We charge fair prices for phone calls.

Fax is not available but we can scan and mail documents for you when needed.

unguja resort zanzibar

Laundry service

If you would like your clothes washed just drop them into the laundry basket in your room along with a completed laundry form.

They will be hand washed in the traditional Zanzibari manner, and returned to you ironed and folded the next day.

Please be aware that traditional washing may not be advisable for very delicate or precious items.

unguja resort zanzibar

Airport and Tour Transport

We can arrange for you to be picked up, or dropped off at the airport, or any other destination on Zanzibar.

unguja resort zanzibar

We can also arrange tours of the island, and guides who can show you some of the beautiful historical places, or fascinating wildlife.

For this we have a contract with Karibu Zanzibar who have provided us with excellent service over the past years.

unguja resort zanzibar

Library and reading corner

We have a good selection of books, so if your idea of a good time is curling up with a good book, you will find what you need here.

unguja resort zanzibar


The pool at Unguja Lodge is ideal for a quick dip to cool off when things get a bit hot, and has a shallow area ideal for kids, and for those who would just like to sit up to their neck in cool refreshing water and relax.

unguja resort zanzibar


We are proud of our bar. It’s a nice place to relax and chat, on a stool at the bar, or on one of the comfy chairs nearby.

The barman knows his drinks and the bar is well stocked, and if you feel like an indulgence, he has a great repertoire of cocktails including a non-alcoholic selection..

During your stay we will keep track of your extra’s .

unguja resort zanzibar

The barman will ask you to sign the bar bill of the day before you retire to bed. At the end of your stay the total can be settled.

We accept cash (USD, GBP, Euro, TSH) or credit card (VISA, MasterCard).

American Express is NOT accepted.

For credit card payments there is a surcharge of 5%

unguja resort zanzibar

unguja resort zanzibar