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7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Party Tours with male or female escorts throughout your stay.

The Mighty Dar is where the Party is.....

Dar es salaam has alot to offer when it comes to entertainment and relaxation especially at night.

Nightlife in Dar es salaam is vibrant with the many night clubs and bars gracing the streets with their ambient music, lights and of course the beautiful ladies and men!!!.

If you are new in Dar-es-salaam you would be asking yourself which are the best places to be at during the late nights, well here is a collection of the top venues to kick start your experience in this amazing city with us!



There are a lot of small local bars in Dar Es Salaam where you can a drink local beer, listen to a local music, meet and chat with locals or watch a football.

Biggest party days in Tanzania are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Locals prefer to party on Sundays.

There are also many events going on during the weekdays.

Bars are usually never closed.

Besides that there are also many clubs in Dar Es Salaam where they are playing pop music and local pop music.

With some of the local songs they have their own dances.

So don’t be surprised if everybody around you are suddenly starting to dance the same way.

In more local places you can also find some ladies of the night.

QBar's got live bands playing live music and good English line up of songs!

 Everybody knows the place especially the bajaji drivers.... Catch Banana Zorro - a local frontman and a good entertainer.

Maisha Club is near the Qbar and it's got local bands.

Coco Beach has got a place with Karaoke every Wednesday near the shore.

Runway is a discotheque with international customers until dawn... no bands, just music.

7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

Your day after a nightly big party will be on beaches and islands lazying and sampling fresh fish, lobster, coconut juices, local wines or day visits to cultural centers of interest like Makonde Carvers Market and TingaTinga Art Centers.



7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

Evenings back to your accommodation for shower and supper and out by night till the morning.

7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

Tour of Local bands and culture dances where local ladies and men teach you the dances, Mduara, Taarab, AfroBeat.

Casinos and discotheques, pub and bar crawls, shisha bars and clubs till you drop!!.

7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

Day 1- Arrival pick up at airport with a road transfer to your crib.

Lunch at leisure at extra cost with a visit to Coco Beach, Oysterbay to acclimatize and admire the local natural beauty of Dar es Salaam.

7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

The Coco Beach Resort

During the day time coco beach is normally packed with locals from different parts of Dar es Salaam bathing in the sun and cooling in the water.

During the night time however the restaurants at the beach are packed with 'middle class' individuals looking to enjoy the sea breeze, the music, food, drinks and of course the women.

Situated in Oysterbay along toure drive it has quiet an estatic atmosphere and is an ideal place to go with your partner especiallly on weekends when the place is running at full steam, the place is open for all and is normally vibed up from 23:00hrs.

Diner at extra cost and a visit to local bars including crawling the Reggae Bar, George and Dragon, Q-Bar and Maisha Club.

7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

Maisha Club

New Maisha Club is situated near the Qbar Along Haile Selassie road.

It is a modern club occupying 2 floors whereby a wide range of local and international music is embraced, you can be sure to find a taste you like.

Usually the club rolls at full steam from around 2 a.m on Fridays and Saturdays. There are also smoking rooms and a VIP area with an exclusive dancer.

7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

There is one main dance floor, stage as well as some smaller dance floors, the club also contains some mini bars in and out of the club with comfortable tables and chairs to enjoy your drinks.

Maisha club opens from Wednesday to Sunday providing a variety of entertainment.

 Pretty often you might meet ladies of the night here, so beware!

Day 2- Breakfast at leisure followed by a visit Mbalamwezi Beach Club and or the Mediterraneo Resturant and Club in Kawe.


Moza1, Morroco, Masai Club, Kinondoni area.


Day 3- Bongoyo Island, evening Slipway, Emilies, Trinity, English Pub, SamakiSamaki

7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

Samaki Samaki Restaurants
Regarded as the best seafood restaurants in Dar es Salaam Samaki-Samaki are twin restaurants situated in Mlimani City and NHC building (Samora avenue) , serving seafood and fish.

They are today considered as the best seafood restaurants in Dar es Salaam with an average of more than 600 customers visiting the two branches every day.

Samaki Samaki restaurants open daily from 09:30 to 00:00 offering outdoor services and specialising in fish, with a Chef endorsing the in-house snapper che, prawn pilipili and Mandela fish.

Vegetarian meals are provided, and a Wine list full of choices, coupled with a wide variety of hard and soft drinks is readily available.

Apart from food and drinks the restaurants offer special entertainment; On tuesday they have “Zilipendwa Tanzania" (best of Tanzania’s old music), Wednesdays is “Oldies" day, Thursdays and Fridays are “Siku ya Warembo” (magnificent ladies day) and a live broadcast program respectively.

This is the place to take your partner to, its really vibed up especially on the friday nights!

7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour


7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

Day 4- After breakfast visit Mbudya Island or the Village Museum, Makonde Carvers and Mlimani City for lunch, evening diner and leisure around Ambiance Club and the Corner Bar in the Sinza area.

7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani decided to pose topless in Mbudya island, Dar es salaam while enjoying swimming.

Corner Bar (Ambience Club)

The Corner Bar located at Sinza near 'Afrika Sana' along Shekilango road is perhaps the most famous 'middle class' bar/night club in Dar es Salaam, now I will be honest here, this place is more or less a street brothel teeming with women of all types seeking to sell sex to men for a living.

Apart from that the venue is also well known for its delicious BBQ's and late night meals that are served just outside the nightclub, the place is normally vibrant with customers on almost all days of the week especially from thursday all the way to sunday, the club normally starts to vibe up from 1.00 a.m.

7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

The club is modest with a sizeable dance floor whereby local music is dominant with a few instances of international tastes, but nonetheless be prepared to encounter a multitude of ladies of the night seeking to hook you up through the night, if thats your style then Corner bar is the place to be.

Day 5- TingaTinga Painters and Makonde Carvers. Evening Casinos and more Clubs.


7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

Day 6- Breakfast at leisure followed by a visit to the fish market at Magogoni Creek crossover the ferry to Kigamboni for lunch and at leisure relax on the Makadi Kipepeo or Sunrise Beach.

Evening action Kariakoo and City Center-Concorde area and Bilicanas Night Club and or Savannah & Ambassadors' Lounge.

Club Billicanas

Located at the city centre (Posta) it is undoubtedly one of the most deeply rooted night clubs in Tanzania. Bililicanas has been the place for dance and fun for more than 30 years.

7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

It is one of the best Nightclubs in Africa.

The club’s luxurious, comfortable lounges are complete with fireplace and Flat screen HD Tv's offering relaxation and entertainment to the maximum.

7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

Inevitably you will find hot ladies and you could even create acquintances with some of them, but be careful as always!

7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

Savannah & Ambassadors' Lounge

If you are into classy and cozy night clubs then you would like to try out these two venues.

Located at the Benjamin Mkapa towers at Posta mpya (Azikiwe street) these two night clubs are a sensation when it comes to meeting new friends of a rather modestly high class, the interiors of the clubs are classic with mini lounges provided to give clubbers that cozy classy feeling you wouldn't find any where else, there are also VIP sections for those very exclusive individuals.

The music is of a local-international mix but the international taste is widely dorminant, be sure to experience an ambient atmosphere especially on fridays when the clubs are fully packed and teeming with hot ladies everywhere swinging and dancing to the hot music, its truely sensational!


The clubs heat up from around 1.00 a.m through the night, damage to your wallet will be 10,000Tsh and most beers will cost you 3,500Tsh.

Day 7- Relaxation and final goodbyes to all the new friends you have made before transfering back to the airport for your flight home.

7 Day Dar es Salaam By Night Stag and Hen Tour

Optional Extensions:

Day 8-
Day 9-
Day 10-

Massages can be arranged.

Drinks and Food at your own cost.

Food Fish Rice spinach roast fish green bananas with goat meat pumkins, plantin sweet potatoes octopus sqid calamari shark soup fruits-jackfruit guava mangoes international food beef burgers chips roast chicken potatoes vegetables you arewelcome to take part in cooking any of the food.